Treasury Management in Islamic Banking

Innovative Approach for Islamic Treasury Management

21st November 2019 |  Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur









Although the Islamic finance industry is still small relative to the global financial industry, it is on pace to grow from total assets of $2 trillion at the end of 2015 to an estimated $3.5 trillion by 2021. This 75% growth in assets in six years will be all the more significant in a slow global growth environment, while facing challenges associated with Basel III implementation characteristic of the post-crisis environment. These regulations impact many aspects of banking, which accounts for three-quarters of Islamic finance assets, but they particularly complicate Islamic liquidity management.

This course will give participants insights on a new era of digitisation offers the prospect of expansion for Islamic transaction banking. The course will also focused on how to create Islamic structured products by using a step by step approach. It will also be demonstrated that the different products which require its own target markets will have its own set of challenges and obstacles. In addition to that, asset and liability management will be of utmost importance with capital markets being a crucial element to its success.


The best and suitable way, is presenting case studies within the presentation. This will solidify the points made, and makes the subject lively for those attending.



Innovating and Digitalizing Islamic Treasury to Enhance customer experience


Obtaining deeper knowledge of how to create Islamic products and the challenges that will be faced during this process.


Tackling the Asset and Liability Management (ALM) within Islamic Treasury.


Understanding the operational challenges of Islamic Transaction processing



Senior Managers & Heads in Islamic Banks from the following departments:

– Treasury
– Derivatives
– Risk & Compliance
– Dealers, Sales/Trading in Islamic Treasury Departments
– Chief Financial Officers
– Corporate Treasurers
– Shariah Advisors
– Corporate and Banking Lawyers
– Shariah Auditors
– In house Legal Counsel
– Product Development Staff
– Regulators

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